About Us

Harrell D. Williams, Sr., is the creator of U.S. Black Connections and owner of Heads-N-Crown Enterprises. As a film-maker, screen writer, film director and producer Harrell's films have screened at several black film festivals from 2012 to current, including the Hollywood Black Film Festival, the San Diego Black Film Festival, the Charlotte Black Film Festival, the St. Louis Black Film Festival and the Twin Cities Black Film Festival (www.harrellwilliams.com).

Harrell is also an Ob-Ed writer with a focus on current social issues. Harrell has run several successful companies. Currently he owns and operates Act 4 You (a service designed to help actors obtain demo reels); Black Film Group (a service designed to help film-makers gain more exposure); Sound Ground Productions, Flo-Rho-Lu-Ma Films and U.S. Black Connections. Harrell's goals are centered on helping business owners and creative artist advance their dreams and goals.

Video introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCIc2FyX2bE